Online Tools for Expat Networking

One of our challenges as an expat entrepreneur is how to build your professional network in your new country. I took a look at this like building a business from scratch, it’s establishing your business from “scratch”.
Build your network
Expat Connector was founded to help you establish connections. Within this resource you may find those that have already set up their company, have moved and working abroad. In your new environment it’s important to connect with locals and expats you can give you vital insight into the working culture of your new home.
LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for businesses. More than 78% of users that are outside of the US. LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs.
A powerful resource to build your profile – your business information – and reach out to others. Building our profiles still goes hand in hand with marketing – wanted to tell a story. Share the facts of your business, your resume, and what sets you apart from others in your industry. What your passion is for your business.
Facebook is still the most used social platform with millions of monthly active users. It’s not only a place to make personal connections but also to expand your network. With resources to expat pages and groups by city and profession, Facebook is a good resource.
This allows for direct questions, gaining information, but isn’t always the best source for information. Finding professional sites that are secure, like Expat Connector, provide viable resources for you as you gather feedback on your business idea, do some market research or even connecting with a future business partner.
Always remember that your profile is visible to potential business leads. Be careful about your security preferences, so as not to reveal too much to someone you want to impress when you reply to a thread on a Facebook page.
Meetup Expat is a social network that connects people looking to find and join offline groups unified by a common interest. The bridge between online and in person. There’s 4.6M members to Meetup Expat, 3,521 groups, and is categorized by events and activities.
Is a social network specific to your area with 3.7M members it’s a source for events and activities as well as location information.
Social groups are powerful as you are building relationships and as that relationship builds you’re establishing trust. Looking for business networking, activities that interest you, events happening in your area – are all important in you getting comfortable in your new environment.
What online tools have you used to build your professional network abroad?

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