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  • Membership Directory Listing
    • Our directory is searchable on ExpatConnector.com by non-members
    • Your listing will strengthen your online presence with keywords attached to your listing
    • Expat Connector members will be able to search, locate and have direct contact links to connect with you
  • Monthly Webinars with location specific content
    • Attend as part of your membership
    • Submit your webinar idea to get on our schedule! Expat Connector will host you.
    • We provide Social Media Graphics and Tracking Links to promote
    • We record the webinar to provide in our Webinar Library so any member can catch a replay
    • Email newsletter to promote to your network and ours
    • Teaser video recorded with you to attract interest
    • Live presentation outside of your comfort zone? No problem, submit pre-recorded educational information about your business
  • Virtual Strategic Business Solution Meetings
    • Become a guest speaker in our panel paired with your webinar month
    • Provide topic and ideas to speak on
  • Blog Access and Contribution
    • Our blog is current and archived/searchable
    • Als Premier Lid heb je toegang tot het aanmaken van blogs en het presenteren op onze webinars - basis leden kunnen jouw webinars bijwonen/bekijken, je blogs doorzoeken voor informatie, waardoor je je reputatie opbouwt als expert
    • Contribute with a video or written blog
    • Blog entries will reinforce that you are an expert in your material
  • Webinar Library
    • Catch a replay of a webinar
    • See those that are provided by members
    • See your videos in our library! 
  • Private Facebook Group for direct connection to the online community

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