Marketing Plan – Why You Need One

Marketing plans don’t have to be pages and pages of words that don’t make sense. Avoid the jargon and get clear on how to strengthen your marketing. The plan is a working document, it’s not something you do once and dust off every five years. Your marketing plan should help you work on an outline for your business and begin marketing strategy.

Your Purpose – 

  • What are you passionate about
  • What do you do/does your business do
  • What are your key defining features
  • What is your goal

Your Target Audience & How You Sell –

Who do you want to talk to

  • Who benefits to learning about your business
  • Who do you enjoy working with

What are their challenges?

  • How can you serve them
  • Sell solutions

Where are they?

  • Social Media
  • Offline/Online
  • Tradeshows

 Marketing Materials Needed – 

  • Social Media – are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram? What is your current reach on social media?
  • Direct Mail – this is still an effective tool with the right focus and are considered either via mail or email. Do you have a mailing list?
  • Tradeshows – Do you have a booth? What takeaways do you have for your clients? How does your booth set you apart from others?

Budget  – 

Do your research – price your options. Remember cheaper isn’t necessarily better – what are the companies or individuals offering you? Will they help develop your pieces or simply want the verbiage from you that they’ll plop in.

The best thing about a Marketing Plan is it helps you focus – direct your efforts in a more concise way. Also, it’s flexible – marketing plans are meant to grow, change, develop as you refine what your business is, your key defining features and who your target is.

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