Five Tips for Virtual Speed Networking Events

One of the best ways to develop contacts is through active networking but this has been a challenge the past two years. A solution that has come is virtual speed networking. Virtual speed networking is a time-saving and effective way of making professional contacts. With our Expat Connector virtual speed networking our purpose is to make as many connections as possible – it’s in our name “Connector”. 

It’s structured, it’s fast, and it allows you to meet contacts in a short amount of time. Expat Connector virtual speed networking is done in a 60 minute window, this means you’ll meet approximately 5-7 new people in an hour. That’s fast, that’s quality time spent on business development for your company.

Another benefit of speed networking is not only that but you can share as much contact information as you’d like when talking to someone. Our goal is to have you make as many valuable connections as possible.

1. Set Your Intention for the Event 

When setting your intention think about the following:

  • Why are you going?
  • Who do you need to connect with to help move your business forward?
  • Are you looking for a business connection, marketing support, a new accountability person, …

Notice, we didn’t list ‘client’. In networking you don’t want to be there only for yourself, it’s about collaboration. Having your intention will help you focus in your description of what you do and where you hope to head in the future. 

2. Focus on building connections, not getting leads.

Remove yourself from the thought process, think about the person you’re talking with.

  • How can you add value to their business or network?

Building a connection, collaboration is the foundation of how you can show up as an expert in your role. By helping solve a need or a problem, you can make a valuable connection. 

The benefit of speed networking is that you’re building a connection where if you ask for their contact information you’re going to remember them. It’s the difference of actively looking for connections, you’ll think about why you want to stay in touch with them before you take their contact information.

3. Listen, don’t pitch.

Your focus is to listen and ask questions. 

  • What is their passion in their business?
  • Who do they serve in their business?
  • What challenges do they have that they need help with?
  • How can you help? 

4. Define your ask

When it’s your turn to share about your business, take the approach of how you benefit others.

Think about:

  • What problems are you solving/how you’re helping others?
  • What is your passion in your business? 
  • Why are you an entrepreneur?

When it comes to them asking “how they can help” – do you have an ask?

  • An introduction you’re looking for
  • A resource you need
  • An area you’re struggling with

5. Follow up and follow through.

If you say you’re going to do something, follow through to show your integrity. For instance, connect a person to someone else, send an email, book a meeting… do it!

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