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Visit our member benefits page to view the various levels of members and get started today.

  • Sign Up for Essentials or Premier Membership.
  • Choose your membership level and begin checkout. 
  • If you have a discount code, enter it at the top of the checkout screen.
  • Set up your username and password and complete sign up
  • Then follow the prompts to begin your Profile Listing – If you miss this step, or need to come back later to finish, you can begin building your profile by clicking here.

Once you have registered for membership on our website, business listings are essential to being found on Expat Connector. Watch the video above or follow the instructions below to get started.

Setting Up Your Profile

A few notes on your profile set up:

This is labeled as “new listing”

  • Title: We recommend this is your Business Name, NOT a description of what you do.  You could also put your name if you’d like, then “Owner of XYZ Company”
  • Paragraph Area: Description of what you do, who you are. Think LinkedIn Bio or your website bio. 
  • Featured Image: Your Image or Logo (What you want on the main directory page) 
      • Best Image Size is 600px x 495px
  • Image Gallery: Your Image or Logo, portfolio, etc. 
  • Category: Find the one that best suits you – we are in the process of building, so if your category isn’t listed, add it to the “Additional Info” area and we can add on the back when we review.

Then fill out what further information you’d like to share:

Address, Area (United States, Northern Europe, etc.), We recommend at least a Country or Province/State. 

Contact Info, if you’d like a call, email, text button to link, website, etc.. 

Click “Save Post” and your submission will then be reviewed by our team within 24-48 hours and approved or rejected.

Blogs are a great way to promote your business, expertise, or expat related content on our website. We have a rotating number available to the public and all blogs are available to members of all levels. However, only Premier Members can submit blog content.

To Submit a Blog for Consideration: 

  • Once you are logged in, hover over the “Membership Account” area
  • Click on Submit A Post
  • Fill out all areas of the form
  • Upload a Graphic 800px x 600px for the featured image.
  • Your Blog Submission will be reviewed and approved or rejected within 24-48 hours.

Our Premier members are  a host/presenter at an upcoming Expat Connector Webinar. Webinars will be hosted on Zoom and marketed through Facebook and LinkedIn. You will be scheduled to speak for 30 minutes. If you would like to utilize Powerpoint or other presentation software, we are able to screen share on our Zoom meeting. 

We ask that speakers keep their presentation professional and informative, not “salesy” and self-promoting. We believe that if your information is valuable and you have gained respect within the group, people will seek your business out. Your business will be announced before you speak. Please be aware that in order to remain eligible as a speaker, you must have an active Expat Connector Premier Membership. 

  • Once you are logged in, hover over the “Membership Account” area
  • Click on Webinar Idea Submission
  • Fill out all areas of the form
  • Upload a Graphic 600px x 600px for us to create advertising graphics. We recommend it be a headshot.
  • Also, upload a transparent image of your logo.
  • Your Webinar Idea Submission will be reviewed and approved or rejected within 24-48 hours and we will let you know a few available dates to choose from for webinars. Once you lock in the presentation date, we’ll get started on promoting it the month before your presentation is to occur.

Our member directory is a great place to go to search for connections and service providers all over the world! We have business categories and tags to help you narrow down your search easier than just looking through all listings.

Start searching by clicking below.

Absolutely! Our directory is made up of members all over the world but if you are looking for a specific region to connect with (maybe because you are an expat in that area and want to connect with others around you) you can do that too!

Be sure you are signed in to your account on this website. Then click the Member Account menu link and you will see a link to the Private Group. If you haven’t already request access to join and we will verify your membership and get you in within 24-48 hours!

Currently, membership dues are paid via PayPal. You can use a bank account or debit/credit card through PayPal to pay for monthly dues.

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