Acceptance of Terms and Requirements

These requirements (“Requirements”) govern your participation as an Expat Connector blogger, vlogger or webinar host.

The Expat Connector Website Terms and Conditions, and Expat Connector Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference. If a conflict exists between those documents and these Requirements, these Requirements shall take precedence.


Blog/Vlog/Webinar Drafting and Editing

You represent that you hold all original copyrights to the materials submitted, or have obtained written permission from the copyright owner to make these materials available via a publicly accessible website.In addition, if your submission contains a reference or image of a person other than you, you represent that you have obtained permission of such person to include his/her information in the submission.

Any use of your previously published work must be disclosed to Expat Connector staff and its inclusion is at their sole discretion.

You agree not to write anything that may be intentionally damaging, untrue, or misleading about Expat Connector or businesses.

You agree not to use the blog to promote or endorse commercial products or services for which you will be compensated.

You represent you obtain photographic releases to use photos of others on the blog/vlog/webinar, prior to submitting the photo.

You understand that submitting materials to Expat Connector does not guarantee that the materials will be reviewed, accepted, or published. Further, you understand and agree Expat Connector may edit or rewrite your blog(s) for grammar, punctuation, style, or length.

You understand and agree that Expat Connector reserves the right to edit or remove any statements or photographs that are unnecessarily graphic, vulgar or profane, defamatory, threatening, illegal, promotes unethical or dangerous behavior or practices, plagiarized, or are culturally or racially inappropriate or insensitive, or politically inflammatory.


Intellectual Property Grant

To the extent permission under applicable law, you hereby grant Expat Connector a non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty free right to display, reproduce, disseminate, adapt, modify, annotate, archive, and otherwise use your submitted materials for any purpose determined by Expat Connector, including promotions and advertising. This grant extends to all traditional, digital, and electronic media. Further, you grant Expat Connector the right to associate your name, image, and company data in connection with your submitted content.



You release and forever discharge Expat Connector it agents, officers, and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the submission, including but not limited to, any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation.

If a provision of these Terms is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction that shall not affect the validity or enforceability in another jurisdiction or any other provision of these Terms.

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