That's A Spade Copywriting Services, Owner - Beth Knaus

That's A Spade Copywriting Services, Owner - Beth Knaus

Norwood Massachusetts United States


I’m a creative content writer and I work with entrepreneurs to honor their originality and nail their bold voices to the page so they can step out from the masses, step into the spotlight, and attract the types of clients they’re excited to serve. I write website copy and blogs, offer retainers, and 1:1 collaborative content development sessions for those clients who like to take part in the creation of their content.

I live in Norwood, Ma., USA with my husband and chubby, spoiled cat, and I have three adult children who turned out to be amazing humans. When I’m not writing for others, I write for myself, read, cook, eat, travel, hang out in the city, and laugh A lot:)




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