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Heidi and Jeff Expat Connectors

Meet Founders Heidi & Jeff

Expat Connector began with our passion for international travel and making global connections. We are currently expatriates in our second country. With six years of 100% working for ourselves we live the day-to-day highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Even with a successful marketing and design business, we are learning the challenges of living abroad – beginning the business “over”.

Our key defining feature is that not only are we offering an international community to collaborate within, we are providing business strategies to help build your confidence in your business. Support and resources to build connections and provide support in your business. Creating an international community with a local link.

Meet Our Global Team

Megan Headshot

US Ambassador - Megan Good

Megan Good is the owner of Geeked Out Media a Phoenix-based website design and online marketing support agency. Megan has been building websites for nearly 20 years and has helped many companies over the years reach the first page of Google. She loves working with small businesses and helping them uplevel and grow their online presence. 

Me (1)

Graphic Designer - Kayla Robertson

One of Kayla’s goals is to travel 30 countries by the time she is 30 years of age – she’s currently at 23 countries!

Located in NSW Australia her design experience, passion for travel, and enthusiasm for learning about entrepreneurship makes her a key asset to our team.

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