5 Essential Marketing Tools

Have you found yourself lost in the confusion of all the marketing terms and what is truly needed for your company? I often work with clients that only paid attention to their brand – their visual identity and aren’t reaching their sales goals. I recommend you focus on these tools, in this order.

• Marketing Plan
• Target Audience
• Your Message
• Your Brand
• Website

Marketing Plan
Helps you work on an outline for your businesses and begin marketing strategy. Focuses on your objectives one item is defining your purpose – your key defining features that distinguish you from your competitors. Define your company – does your business name reflect you? What are you passionate about? What do you/your business do? What is your business goal?

Target Audience
Who do you want to talk to? A way to think about this is who benefits from learning about your business.
What are their challenges? How can you provide solutions to these challenges.
Where can you reach them? Are they on social media, networking meetings, or tradeshows.

Your Message
• Why do you do what you do
• How do you speak about your business in a compelling manner
• You are the expert in your area of expertise

Brand Identity
This goes beyond your company name. It’s visual –
• one powerful logo (graphic or text)
• professional color palette
• What says “yoru business” to you visually
• Does the graphic/name reflect what you do?

Purpose of Your Website
• Build trust – logos of current customers, testimonials
• Educate – core services
• Story telling – not about you, about how working with you will solve your customers problems
• Convert – call to action

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